Indoor Navigation

Our magical navigation touch: 2Guide digital wayfinding one click away to guide people into your facility!

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Drive you visitors inside your facility

2Guide indoor navigation is the optimal and efficient solution of digital wayfinding for allowing people to navigate seamlessly inside your buildings.

Finding your way around large facilities such as hospitals, shopping malls, public offices, etc can be complicated, and our 2Guide indoor navigation system allows you to find and follow the shortest path to your destination with a single click using indoor positioning systems.

  • Easy navigation on your smartphone
  • Available with no app download required
  • Simple and immediate deployment
wayfinding indoor navigation solution

Benefits of indoor positioning in facilities

Our indoor navigation solution allows you to leverage indoor positioning technologies with low installation and maintenance costs.
It will be simple and intuitive to find the location on the map in your personal device, no matter where in the building you are to point you in the right direction.

  • Less stress for people who have to search for their destination to reach
  • Time and cost savings in reducing delays and missed appointments
  • Cost-effective installation and management
  • Significant increase in facility satisfaction

Use case: hospital indoor navigation solution

Large facilities such as hospitals often disorient patients who spend a lot of time finding the ward or floor where they have an appointment.

2Guide, the app-free solution of indoor wayfinding to guide your visitors step by step inside the facility as with a common navigator. Find the path immediately and in a practical way when you enter the hospital.