Airport Wifi: Drive Your Passenger Journey

AdR is the company that manages Roman airports of Fiumicino and Ciampino.
It is the largest Italian operator and the fifth one in Europe by number of travelers.
Passengers traffic: 50 million (2019).

Airports are putting a lot of effort into granting an excellent Passenger Journey to their passengers; in fact being able to grand a pleasurable and frictionless passenger experience brings direct and indirect benefits to the Airport itself, whose reputation and ACI/ASQ ratings influence the overall business performance of the venue.

Wi-Fi connectivity is a key aspect in the Passenger Journey, and its performance is directly reflected in the Airport ratings; it is therefore crucial to ensure a top quality service, with clear and frictionless access and high level performance.

In addition, a well-designed WiFi onboarding experience encourages the passenger to interact with the facility, opening up several business opportunities, that range from advertising to drive-to-store and other collaborations with the retail shops in side the venue.

The challenge faced by the ADR Management was therefore to build an extraordinary WiFi Passenger Journey, capable of delivering the highest performances and of enabling new digital services.

In order to deliver such a delicate and crucial service in an efficient manner, being also able to control it and to have it evolve, ADR has decided to internalize the WiFi engagement platform, and to work together with InPiazza inPiazza to deliver create an eco-system of value-added services.

An efficient onboarding mechanism has been the first, necessary step:
a fast welcome page, with few, clear onboarding tiers to accommodate the needs of single-touch passengers and those of international, businessoriented customers with roaming contracts in place. The InPiazza Platform has allowed the necessary flexibility, and the effectiveness of the service has been welcomed by the customers, who have appreciated the service – in 2019 12 millions of users have employed the service, about 1 passenger out of 4.

WiFi performance has been another important topic: by leveraging on the very efficient Wi-Fi infrastructure of the Airport, the aim was to provide the highest possible bandwidth to every user in every instant.

During peak hours the traffic load is high, so the available bandwidth has to be evenly shared between all passengers, but when the network is less loaded the fewer passengers can benefit from a higher performance, therefore being encouraged to interact with the facility. This has been achieved thanks to InPiazza inPiazza’s traffic management capabilities, with an adaptive bandwidth allocation that helps exploit the available bandwidth in the best possible way.

Given the quantity of users that log-in to the WiFi network, Wi-Fi is an unique touch point to involve Passengers and stimulate business opportunities; thanks to the InPiazza Platform, the ADR Passenger Journey has been enriched with targeted pre-login advertising, that depend on the physical position of the passenger, the language, the schedule and so on, thus granting the perfect match of the passenger’s needs with the advertised opportunity.

ADR is also planning to exploit more interactive features of the inPiazza platform , such as the Proximity Marketing tools, to provide better core Airport services such as Fast Track, Parking etc.

Emiliano Sorrenti

Chief Information and Technology Officer at ADR Tel S.p.A. Aeroporti di Roma Group

“The top quality of the Passenger Journey services in ADR has been awarded with the Best Airport prize from ACI in every year since 2018, in its category (Airports with more than 40M passengers/year)”

The top quality of the Passenger Journey services in ADR has been awarded with the Best Airport prize from ACI in every year since 2018, in its category (Airports with more than 40M passengers/year).
The Splash Advertising system has been exploited for more than 35 campaigns with more than 1M impressions, involving international brands, travel agencies, tourism operators etc in a win-win proposition.
Targeted advertising has helped tailoring the service to Passengers, being interesting and not invasive, as revealed by the high score provided by the Passengers themselves.