The most effective passenger
flow analytics & marketing
platform for transportation


Integrated WiFi, marketing and
analytics for airports and public areas

Ports, airports and stations are becoming more and more similar to commercial malls where landlords try to encourage visitors to spend time and come back.

InPiazza Platform provides an opportunity to collect richer real time visitor data to be used by property management companies and operators in the transportation business.

  • Understand end-to-end passenger journey
  • Build passenger flow analytics
  • Visualize lead curves for arrival and departure processes
  • Staff optimally and integrate with flight data and operational systems
  • Get insights in retail sales and drive revenue

Transportation sector


Airports are becoming sophisticated data users. Information regarding pedestrian flows, length of stay and demographics and nationality or type of smartphone used are becoming central in any digital initiative in public and waiting areas. Footfall data can be used also to optimize leases to retailers and take fact-based decisions.


Bus station and generally any public areas with high pedestrian density are ideal candidates for monetizing the value of the location by offering entertainment and services to people waiting for the next connection. Don’t miss the opportunity.


Although lagging a bit behind compared to airports, ports are catching up fast. Commercial areas of most marinas are becoming destination sites full of shops and restaurants where people spend time and have fun. New business opportunities created by location marketing and analytics are truly low hanging fruits.


More and more people use trains to move for business and leisure. Railways have been recently transformed in huge shopping centres and destination sites. Events are being organized to entertain visitors. Location based marketing and analytics offer huge opportunities for landlord and retailers.

Use case

Client selected InPiazza Platform versus competition for its flexibility and robustness.
During a journey started already few years ago, guest WiFi and advanced marketing analytics have become a corner-store of its strategy for how to run the airport.