Location Analytics

Leverage the power of multiple sensors to collect real-time data on customer behaviour and deliver actionable insights for impactful decisions.


Your analytics, all in one place

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ behaviour and make data-driven decisions to measure and optimize the performance of brick-and-mortar spaces.

With location analytics you can visualize traffic patterns, generate real-time heat maps, and analyze customer loyalty in order to track KPIs for optimizing your business.

Data-driven insights

Data is an important source of knowledge for understanding your customers and studying how visitors move through your spaces. Derive actionable insights customized to your business needs from the data collected by the inPiazza platform to make data analysis and drive informed decision-making.

user visit pattern

Tracking & Wayfinding

Track the movement and location of people and suggest the right direction to get them oriented into spaces.

sentiment analytics

Sentiment & Demographic

Gain an in-depth understanding of your visitors by analysing their behaviour, what they are most interested in, where they come from, and more.

User pattern

User visit pattern

Analyse the various customer paths inside the store. Discover your customer loyalty by comparing the experiences of new visitors with those who have visited before. Monitor the performance of each store over time. With this knowledge, you can study the best strategies for optimising the customer journey and interacting with them at the right time.

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Flow analytics & Heatmaps

Collect real-time data on the number of entries, the number of people queuing or concurrently in a specific area, and the direction of flows. By analysing data on people’s behaviour with inPiazza you can understand in detail how to manage flows in your venue.

Multiple technology sources

The inPiazza Platform seamlessly combines sensors from various tracking technologies to localize and track user position and customer behaviour, meeting the specific application requirements.


Video analytics

Use 2D and 3D camera technology, the smartest computer vision and artificial intelligence algorithms.

wifi probing

WiFi – Probing

Integrate data originated by most third-party WiFi manufacturers.

icona Lidar


Collect anonymized data in compliance with GDPR regulations, leveraging real-time insights from user interactions.

icona bluetooth

Bluetooth based

Leverage Bluetooth technology for location applications through beacons or AoA-based indoor positioning systems (RTLS).