Venice Airport ADV

Case study – Venice Airport ADV

Transforming waiting travellers into sales opportunities

SAVE Group includes the airports of Venice, Treviso, Verona and Brescia. Venice Marco Polo Airport is Italy’s third intercontinental gate.



More than 9M passengers travelled through Venice Airport last year. An interesting target group to create business opportunities inside the terminal and find strategies to engage with these visitors by advertising products. However this often fails, as advertisements promoted on billboards and screens do not always get noticed. To be effective, communication needs to arrive in the right place at the right time.

This is where digital platforms, such as Wi-Fi Guest, with targeted messages came in. An excellent and profitable Wi-Fi service, in addition to being a key commodity for passengers, makes it possible to improve the airportʼs reputation within the ACI ranking.



In the case of the airport, MobiMESH inPiazza, an efficient WiFi service has been combined with advertising tools delivered directly from the WiFi portal. The WiFi user experience has been optimized by leveraging the versatility of the platform.

Each retailer can offer targeted advertisements to those who connect to the Wi-Fi portal via their smartphone while waiting for a flight. Not just any advertising as the advertising proposed at the moment of connection is fully customizable based on the different areas of the terminal, a scheduling on an hourly basis and localized messages to take advantage of linguistic nuances to meet retailersʼ needs.



That the service has proven a real success can be seen by the results of more than 2.5 million accesses with an average of 6.690 users per day makes the solution attractive to propose advertising profiled around activities inside the terminal. Targeted advertising with dedicated offers to incentivize their conversion. Early 2023, 3 different campaigns were run to promote the sale of products with as result more than 320.000 impressions. A mix between generic and differentiated campaigns leading to a high success rate.

This new pomotional solution achieved through the MobiMESH inPiazza WiFi platform sparked interest in other retailers who were impressed and want to develop similar strategies to engage new customers.

“WiFi advertising will prove to be a powerful tool for businesses in our airport, regardless of the industry. It allows you to intercept real traffic, in the right place and at the right time: every Marketing Manager’s forbidden dream”

Nicola Petrus

Digital Media Specialist, Gruppo SAVE

Humanitas: WiFi Campus Experience

Case study – WiFi Humanitas

WiFi in Humanitas: improving the Patient Experience

Humanitas is a highly specialised teaching and research hospital. It includes dedicated centres for the treatment of cancers, cardiovascular diseases, neurological and orthopaedic disorders, as well as an Ophthalmology Centre and a Fertility Centre. The hospital is also equipped with emergency and radiotherapy areas. It has several locations in three Italian regions and serves almost 1 million patients a year.



Humanitas has extensive WiFi coverage in its facilities, built to support internal operations and doctors, nurses and staff activities. With the increasing attention to the digital needs of patients, the hospital decided to extend this WiFi infrastructure. The dual intent was to make patients’ journeys easier and to have a digital point of contact with them.

The digital infrastructure had to be shared between sensitive patient information for internal use and guest and public patient traffic. Therefore, a powerful and flexible user and traffic management platform was needed that could provide efficient onboarding but also maintain the necessary traffic segregation in public health facilities.

In addition, the platform should provide tools and functionality to support the evolution of Patient Journey management. This includes the ability to provide multiple levels of onboarding, GDPR consent management, informative mechanisms and analytical tools.



In order to deliver such a delicate and crucial service in an efficient manner, and to keep a continuous control over data gathered from the patients, Humanitas has chosen to internalize the Authentication platform on its datacenter, thus having full control over it.

The InPiazza Platform has therefore been installed and delivered on the private Humanitas datacenter, with direct network connection with the WiFi infrastructure and no contact with the outside.
Different user tiers have been established, in order to treat every user of the WiFi network in the Humanitas campus with dedicated policies:

WiFi Guests: occasional users patients or their companions, who take advantage of WiFi connectivity while waiting for a medical visit. Such users are self-authenticated, with a combination of Social Login and SMS authentication.

WiFi Patients: hospitalised patients who need more stable and persistent connectivity. These users are authenticated through an access code provided at the beginning of their stay.

WiFi Conference: users who participate in conferences, conventions and symposia in the Campus Conference Centre. Participants are authenticated through a conference code, specific to each conference and provided to participants with the material. Users are requested to provide some information when they log in (such as their job, affiliation, etc).

Every user tier is treated with a specific policy, in terms of available Internet access duration, bandwidth, traffic quantity, number of contemporary devices and so on, so that every user receives a service
which is specifically tailored to his needs.

Special attention is paid to the privacy of the users, given the delicate environment in which the WiFi network is operated; the whole process is GDPR compliant and all the consents are gathered and treated in the most respectful way.



The service has been employed by hundreds of thousands of users, with an average of 1000 contemporary users during working hours and with high return rates.

InPiazza is happy to support health structures to drive their Patient Journey!

“The WiFi service provided by Humanitas’ infrastructure and the inPiazza Platform has been widely appreciated by the end users, who enjoy a better patient experience in the Humanitas campus”

Flavio Tavarnelli

Network and Cybersecurity Manager at Humanitas S.p.A.

Airport Wifi: Drive Your Passenger Journey

Case study – ADR outline

Airport WiFi: drive your passenger journey

ADR is the company that manages Roman airports of Fiumicino and Ciampino. It is the largest Italian operator and the fifth one in Europe by traveler count, with 50M passengers in 2019.



Airports are putting a lot of effort into granting an excellent Passenger Journey; indeed being able to grant a pleasurable and frictionless passenger experience brings direct and indirect benefits to the Airport, and overall business performance of the venue affects its reputation and ACI/ASQ ratings.

Wi-Fi connectivity is a key aspect in the Passenger Journey, and its performance directly affects the ratings of the airport. Therefore, it is essential to ensure a top quality service, with clear and frictionless access and high level performance.

In addition, a well-designed WiFi onboarding experience encourages passengers to interact with the facility, creating several business opportunities, from advertising to drive-to-store and other collaborations with retail shops inside the terminal.

The ADR Management faced the challenge of building an extraordinary WiFi Passenger Journey, capable of delivering the highest performance and providing new digital services.



To deliver such a delicate and crucial service efficiently, being also able to control it and develop it, ADR decided to internalize the WiFi engagement platform and collaborate with inPiazza to create a value-added service ecosystem.

The first step was an efficient onboarding process with a fast welcome page, few clear onboarding tiers to meet the needs of both single-touch passengers and international business-oriented customers with existing roaming contracts. inPiazza allowed the necessary flexibility, and the effectiveness of the service has been welcomed by the customers, who have appreciated it– in 2019 12M users used the service, about 1 out of 4 passengers.

By leveraging the airport’s highly efficient WiFi infrastructure, the goal was to provide the highest possible bandwidth to every user at all times.

During peak hours the traffic load is high, so the available bandwidth must be shared among all passengers, but when the network is less loaded fewer passengers can benefit from a higher performance, therefore are encouraged to interact with the facility. This was achieved by inPiazza’s traffic management functions, with adaptive bandwidth allocation helping to make the best use of available bandwidth.

With a substantial number of users logging into the WiFi network, it proved to be an excellent and unique touchpoint to engage Passengers and stimulate business occasions. The inPiazza platform enriched ADR’s Passenger with targeted pre-login adv, based on the people’s physical location, language, schedule, etc, thus ensuring a perfect match between the passenger’s needs and the advertised opportunity.

ADR is also planning to exploit more interactive features of the platform like Proximity Marketing tools to offer better basic Airport services, such as Fast Track, Parking etc.



The Splash Advertising system has been adopted for more than 35 campaigns with over 1M impressions, involving international brands, travel agencies, tour operators, etc in a win-win proposition.

“The top quality of Passenger Journey services in ADR has been awarded with ACI Europe’s Best Airport Award every year since 2018, in its category (Airports with more than 40M passengers/year)”

Emiliano Sorrenti

CI&TO at ADR TEL S.p.A. Aeroporti di Roma