New partnership inPiazza & Olojin MegaDesk

Olojin, the agency specializing in loyalty and digital marketing, and MobiMESH inPiazza, expert in offering Guest WiFi and indoor navigation captive portal solutions, are pleased to announce a strategic partnership. By combining the expertise and resources of MobiMESH inPiazza and Olojin, this partnership aims to provide innovative solutions for digital marketing and beyond, with a focus on optimizing customer engagement directly from the physical store.

This collaboration will allow the two company’s solutions to work together: MEGAdesk, the community platform developed by Olojin for Customer Relationship Management, and the innovative touchpoints of MobiMESH inPiazza for phygital interaction. Together, the two companies will be able to offer a wide range of services to maximize return on investment and optimize brand loyalty.

MEGAdesk, the CRM and community platform from well-known agency Olojin, offers simple and intuitive tools for building an omnichannel strategy. MEGAdesk solutions are compatible with leading business systems to communicate with customers, manage their demographics, select brand ambassadors and build communities of loyal customers.

MobiMESH inPiazza combines customer behavior analysis with engagement in the phygital world, thanks to its core products: the powerful captive portal for WiFi guests and the indoor navigation solution. It was born with the idea of engaging and meeting customers’ needs by establishing direct and personalized connections in the right place at the right time, thanks to the integration of technologies such as WhatsApp Business, Wallet Pass and push notifications.

The strategic expertise of MEGAdesk CRM, combined with the innovative and technological solutions of inPiazza, will ensure tangible and measurable results for customers.

We have always believed in the integration between online and offline, in digital projects that also become concrete on the territory, in stores and in physical places populated by those same people who dialogue with each other in our communities,” comments Stefano Notturno, CEO of Olojin. “This partnership is an opportunity to make this vision even more concrete, generating a positive impact for the companies we work for and also for their customers.

For both companies, this partnership represents a concrete commitment to innovation and excellence in brand loyalty and omnichannel experience building.

In this increasingly competitive and dynamic environment, the collaboration with Olojin represents a unique opportunity to offer our clients cutting-edge omnichannel marketing solutions” said Stefano Napoli, Chief Commercial of MobiMESH inPiazza. “We are excited to join forces with a partner like Olojin and together raise the standard of digital marketing and brand loyalty.”

For more information about the partners discover the websites: Olojin and MobiMESH inPiazza.