Workshop Napoli 2023

Workshop collaboration & WiFi Engagement per la PA 2.0

inPiazza and VoiSmart hosted the partners in the Gulf of Naples for the Workshop dedicated to Digital Transformation solutions in Public Administration.

The event which was successfully held in the Royal Continental Hotel in Naples, stimulated interesting discussions on how to innovate the future PA in Italy.

The inPiazza team presented the technological solutions of WiFi Guest, Location Analytics, Proximity Marketing and Indoor Navigation, examining use cases in the PA. From municipalities to hospitals, from schools to libraries, various applications of the inPiazza platform were analysed.

Together with partners, new routes are being traced to continue to innovate and improve not only technologies but to bring about a digital paradigm shift in the country.

The inPiazza team is ready to carry out new projects and thanks all guests for their active participation!

Forum PA 2023 with Public Administration

Forum PA 2023 in Rome

MobiMesh inPiazza together with Voismart were partners of the Forum PA 2023 in Rome on May 16-18.

An event full of meetings and updates dedicated to the Italian Public Administration to face future challenges related to the implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) part of the Next Generation EU program.

The Forum focused on the country’s investments in digitization and technologies useful for Italy’s transformation.
Innovation is one of our founding values and leads us with the implementation of our solutions in bringing technological development to local services for citizens and tourists in our cities.

We are proud to have participated again this year at this exciting event to share our ideas and to meet new challenges that we will have to face together with our Country.

Discover on LinkedIn our highlights from our booth at Forum PA 2023

New partnership inPiazza & Olojin MegaDesk

New partnership inPiazza & Olojin MegaDesk

Olojin, the agency specializing in loyalty and digital marketing, and MobiMESH inPiazza, expert in offering Guest WiFi and indoor navigation captive portal solutions, are pleased to announce a strategic partnership. By combining the expertise and resources of MobiMESH inPiazza and Olojin, this partnership aims to provide innovative solutions for digital marketing and beyond, with a focus on optimizing customer engagement directly from the physical store.

This collaboration will allow the two company’s solutions to work together: MEGAdesk, the community platform developed by Olojin for Customer Relationship Management, and the innovative touchpoints of MobiMESH inPiazza for phygital interaction. Together, the two companies will be able to offer a wide range of services to maximize return on investment and optimize brand loyalty.

MEGAdesk, the CRM and community platform from well-known agency Olojin, offers simple and intuitive tools for building an omnichannel strategy. MEGAdesk solutions are compatible with leading business systems to communicate with customers, manage their demographics, select brand ambassadors and build communities of loyal customers.

MobiMESH inPiazza combines customer behavior analysis with engagement in the phygital world, thanks to its core products: the powerful captive portal for WiFi guests and the indoor navigation solution. It was born with the idea of engaging and meeting customers’ needs by establishing direct and personalized connections in the right place at the right time, thanks to the integration of technologies such as WhatsApp Business, Wallet Pass and push notifications.

The strategic expertise of MEGAdesk CRM, combined with the innovative and technological solutions of inPiazza, will ensure tangible and measurable results for customers.

We have always believed in the integration between online and offline, in digital projects that also become concrete on the territory, in stores and in physical places populated by those same people who dialogue with each other in our communities,” comments Stefano Notturno, CEO of Olojin. “This partnership is an opportunity to make this vision even more concrete, generating a positive impact for the companies we work for and also for their customers.

For both companies, this partnership represents a concrete commitment to innovation and excellence in brand loyalty and omnichannel experience building.

In this increasingly competitive and dynamic environment, the collaboration with Olojin represents a unique opportunity to offer our clients cutting-edge omnichannel marketing solutions” said Stefano Napoli, Chief Commercial of MobiMESH inPiazza. “We are excited to join forces with a partner like Olojin and together raise the standard of digital marketing and brand loyalty.”

For more information about the partners discover the websites: Olojin and MobiMESH inPiazza.


Saudi Airport Exhibition 2023

inPiazza nominated for the Saudi Excellence Awards 2023

inPiazza on December 20, 2023 attended the Saudi Airport Exhibition, the event dedicated to airports in Ryadh.

The inPiazza team, always ready to embrace new opportunities in other countries, brought Made in Italy together with other Italian companies with Air Tech Italy to Saudi Arabia.

The inPiazza platform was nominated for the Saudi Excellence Awards 2023 and was awarded the first runner-up award in the Passenger Experience category.

The comprehensive solution to improve the Customer Journey within airports has presented its integrated services:

Indoor navigation to easily discover and navigate the terminal

WiFi Guest customized for the airport for frictionless connectivity.

Conversational Marketing to open a conversation via WhatsApp or other channels with passengers and send real-time Customer Satisfaction surveys with high response rate.

Location Analytics to analyze passenger flows and behaviors within spaces.

Proximity Marketing to offer digital spaces to promote activities inside the terminal directly on passengers’ devices.

inPiazza is thrilled to receive this award as a token of appreciation for all of our efforts in developing and implementing the solution in the airline industry.

This award motivates the inPiazza team even more to continuously seek innovation, find new partnerships and opportunities to contribute digital solutions to improve the Customer Journey in the airport industry and beyond.

New partnership inPiazza & Tanaza

New partnership inPiazza & Tanaza

MobiMESH inPiazza, the leading WiFi Engagement platform, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Tanaza, a pioneer in cloud-managed networks.
This innovative collaboration aims at transforming the guest WiFi services scenario by delivering an effective and fully managed Customer Journey in the phygital world.

Leveraging on the strengths of both platforms, this partnership revolutionizes guest WiFi services, allowing customers to create new digital touchpoints for their end users, with conversational capabilities and with marketing opportunities, that rely on a powerful and efficient WiFi infrastructure with unmatched hardware flexibility.
Push notifications, Lead generation and Wayfinding applications are now easier to create and to manage.

Sebastiano Bertani, Founder and CEO of Tanaza S.p.A. said: “This integration represents a step forward in our vision: providing efficient cloud-based networking infrastructure that enables a great variety of applications to cover industry-specific and vertical use cases. InPiazza is clearly a top-notch option to bring added value services in the retail, food and hospitality space and we are proud to enable them on top of a large variety of off-the-shelf and white-box Wi-Fi access points”.

This partnership, driven by a shared commitment to innovation, marks a significant step toward redefining the future of WiFi services for an optimized guest experience.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Tanaza,” declared Stefano Napoli, CCO of MobiMESH inPiazza. “Our collaboration aims at reshaping managed network services by incorporating value added applications to the proposition, fostering the growth of new use cases across the various industries.

For more information about this exciting partnership, please visit the Tanaza WiFi Marketplace.

Forum Retail Milan 2023

An engaging journey into the Retail World

In the changing world of retail, consumers are seeking personalized and engaging experiences. To meet these needs, companies are turning to a range of new technologies to enhance the Customer Journey.
By knowing how to capture industry trends, it is possible to discover how the use of WiFi Engagement, Proximity Marketing, Location Analytics and Indoor Navigation can transform the way stores are managed, leveraging the physical experience of customers in real time to stimulate engagement and revolutionize their path to purchase with the goal of building loyalty.

inPiazza again exhibited at the Forum Retail organized by iKN.

The use of innovative media and technologies is transforming and evolving the way companies engage with their customers. By offering a more personalized and engaging experience, retailers are trying to meet growing consumer expectations and maintain customer loyalty in the competitive world of retail. The key is to adopt in-store technologies strategically by understanding the value of using them to create an environment that is useful, engaging and memorable for customers.

inPiazza has proposed its solutions that are customizable to each reality and tailored to the most important needs of each retailer.

Discover more about inPiazza for retail.

Expand North Star Dubai 2023

Present inPlace solution in Dubai

inPiazza was present in Dubai for Expand North Star, the world’s largest event for startups and investors to showcase its new solutions.

Together with many other italian tech companies inPiazza represented Made in Italy with the inPiazza WiFi engagement and Proximity Marketing platform and the inPlace indoor navigation system.

On the sideline of the GITEX Global inPiazza hosted an exclusive event at the Conrad Hotel dedicated to local partners to deepen the news and outline future strategies.
The new indoor navigation system inPlace, a simple and efficient digital solution for finding the way in large facilities, was a great success. There are many applications of this technology from retail to healthcare.

Thanks to the event participants, interesting insights emerged on how to bring this business to new markets.
Discover more information about inPlace.

FutureTech Workshop 2023

inPiazza & VoiSmart innovative solutions event

On September 11, 2023, inPiazza and VoiSmart in collaboration with Lenovo/Motorola organized the FutureTech Workshop, an exclusive event dedicated to innovation, in the charming location of the Grand Hotel Castrocaro.

During the event dedicated to our partners we presented WiFi Engagement technology solutions and possible applications in different sectors such as banks, shopping centers, municipalities and companies to do proximity marketing and location analytics.

Projecting into the future, the new Indoor Navigation inPlace solution was presented, which allows users in large buildings such as hospitals, malls, parking lots, etc. to easily orient themselves with a frictionless wayfinding solution.

The interactive and constructive workshop with partners introduced new business opportunities for our industry, exploring the telecommunications market and new digital trends.

This important event enabled us to push the accelerator on designing new projects in different industries.

EuroShop Dusseldorf 2023

Talking about retail analytics at EuroShop 2023 in Düsseldorf

On February 26, 2023, inPiazza attended EuroShop in Dusseldorf, the The World’s No. 1 Retail Trade Fair.

EuroShop is the largest trade show in the retail field in which to learn about emerging trends in this sector. This was an inspiring experience and interesting opportunity to interface with the realities of the retail industry.

Our collegue Stefano Napoli went up on stage to talk “How to mould your Customer Phygital Twins”. He spoke about our inPiazza platform with an emphasis on providing companies with a Retail Analytics and Engagement tool that can analyze and cross-reference consumer behavior information in physical stores with data coming from online.

In the past few years, technological innovation has led to the development of the digital twin concept, which represents the alter egos of people as well as customers.

Retail companies can analyze and monitor customer behaviors online. But knowing the physical consumers who pass through or visit physical stores remains essential.

Especially after recovery from the pandemic, it is important for physical stores to be provided with the right tools to analyze the behaviors, preferences, and movements of visitors and customers.

This is where the inPiazza platform comes in, which collects and provides an analytical tool for retailers, as well as the ability to implement omnichannel marketing campaigns that allow you to intercept and engage customers by leveraging WiFi.

Learn more about how to apply our platform in the retail world.

Passenger Terminal Amsterdam 2023

Passenger Terminal EXPO 2023 Amsterdam

inPiazza flew to Amsterdam this time to participate in the Passenger Terminal EXPO & Conference.

It was a tradeshow full of meetings with figures from the airport industry and an opportunity to grow by learning about the needs of this business.

We could get in touch with experts who gave us innovative insights to contribute with a complete platform useful both to open a communication channel with passengers and to analyze flow data in airport terminals.

We demonstrated to the fair visitors the advantages of the inPiazza platform for this industry, which first can offer a good WiFi service in the terminal that is helpful for the airportʼs reputation within the ACI ranking.

Secondly, the inPiazza platform makes it possible to customize marketing actions along the customer journey and set up instant customer satisfaction to receive feedback from passengers improving airport performance.

To find out about our airport projects visit our case study page.